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Hospitals Services

Hospitals Services

Kartavya Healtheon, a leading provider of specialized healthcare services tailored to meet the unique needs of hospitals. With a steadfast commitment to excellence and patient-centric care, we partner with hospitals to enhance their healthcare offerings and streamline operations. Our diverse range of services is designed to optimize patient care, boost efficiency, and improve overall patient satisfaction.

Our Comprehensive Hospital Services

Recovery Assistance Program

Elevate your post-discharge patient care with our patient support program. Our dedicated team provides personalized care plans, explaining discharge summaries, scheduling follow-up visits, and offering additional support for a smoother recovery journey.

Patient Care Companions

Ensure your patients feel cared for and supported during their hospital stay with our patient companion service. Our compassionate companions offer emotional support, assist with daily activities, and manage patient-related tasks, easing the burden on caretakers.

Hospital Care Navigator

Improve patient satisfaction and streamline hospital operations with our Hospital Care Navigator. Acting as a single point of contact for patients and caretakers, they offer assistance for administrative queries and provide essential information during their stay.

Enhanced Home Visit Services

Extend your hospital’s care beyond the premises with our personalized home visit services. Our trained professionals, including phlebotomists, physiotherapists, and nurses, provide top-notch care for patient’s post-discharge, ensuring their smooth recovery and rehabilitation at home.

Medical Camps and Health Awareness Programs

Empower your community and patients with our expertly organized medical camps and health awareness programs. These initiatives not only promote preventive healthcare but also increase your hospital’s visibility within the community.

Tailored Packages for Optimal Care

At Kartavya, we understand that each hospital has unique requirements. We collaborate closely with our partner hospitals to design customized packages, addressing specific ailments, surgeries, and healthcare needs, ensuring optimal patient care and satisfaction.

On-Demand HCW Staffing

Ensure seamless and efficient patient care with our on-demand healthcare workers. From skilled nurses to competent paramedics, we provide qualified personnel on short notice to meet your staffing requirements.

Streamlined Medical Staffing and Recruitment

Save time and resources with our hassle-free medical staffing and recruitment services. We connect your hospital with highly qualified healthcare professionals across various specialties, ensuring your team is well-equipped to deliver exceptional care.

Efficient Payroll Management

Streamline your hospital’s payroll process with our reliable payroll management services. With timely compensation for your healthcare workforce, you can focus on delivering optimal patient care without administrative worries.

Partner with Kartavya

As your trusted healthcare partner, Kartavya, aims to elevate your hospital’s services and reputation. Let us work together to provide unparalleled care, foster a healthier community, and enhance the success of your hospital. Contact us today to explore how our comprehensive healthcare solutions can revolutionize your hospital services.  Our services objective is to improve patient outcomes, reduce readmissions, and enhance patient satisfaction.

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