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Kartavya Healtheon: A Journey of Purpose, Resilience, and Transformative Healthcare

Vikram and Anil two friends and college mates had limited working experience, not even a year’s worth, before starting off with Sparsh, their 1st start-up in the IT space, but their unwavering self-belief and a thirst for learning propelled them forward. Sparsh had its fair share of ups and downs, including multiple small failures, but these setbacks exposed them to diverse sectors such as travel, education, telecom, MSME, corporates, and pharmaceuticals. Despite the challenges, the duo remained resilient, driven not by money but by their passion for learning and their determination to make a difference.

In the year 2008, Vikram and Anil, embarked on a new journey with their 2nd start-up that would eventually lead to the birth of Kartavya Healtheon. Unlike many start-ups with a captivating origin story, their venture started with a simple opportunity rather than a grand purpose. Armed with the experience gained from their earlier semi-successful start-up Sparsh, which offered a wide range of IT services across various industries, they decided to take the plunge once again.

Inception and Evolution

In 2008, a significant turning point arrived when they secured their first client, Bristol Myers Squibb, thanks to their existing working relationship with Sparsh. This opportunity introduced them to the field of chronic disease management, a departure from their IT-focused background. It was at this moment that Anil suggested the name "Kartavya," which signifies the sense of duty and responsibility they wanted to bring to their work. Kartavya BPO Pvt Ltd was born, aiming to serve clients in the healthcare, education, telecom, and travel sectors. The journey of Kartavya had its fair share of interesting anecdotes, filled with moments of joy, failures, ignorance, learnings and more. However, they persevered, and Kartavya gradually gained momentum.

Specialization and Focus

For the first two years, the company relied on a single client, steadily building their reputation and expertise.After two years, Kartavya caught the attention of Pfizer, marking a significant milestone for the growing company. Recognizing their passion for healthcare, Vikram and Anil decided to shift their focus exclusively to the healthcare domain. With this shift, Kartavya BPO Pvt Ltd transformed into Kartavya Healtheon Pvt Ltd, solidifying their commitment to providing innovative and comprehensive healthcare solutions.

Despite starting with humble beginnings and without a grand purpose, Vikram and Anil’s unwavering determination, willingness to learn, and passion for making a positive impact led Kartavya Healtheon on its path towards success. 

As Kartavya gained momentum, it faced new challenges and opportunities. The founders gradually realized that the healthcare industry was complex and required a deep understanding of chronic disease management and patient support programs. These areas were still at a nascent stage in India with limited awareness amongst their prospect customers. However, Kartavya persisted, taking on new services and expanding its reach.

With ignorance (which turned out to be a bliss), Kartavya started taking on challenging tasks without fully understanding their complexity. They conducted patient support screening activity in remote locations such as Leh Ladakh, the North-East states of India, and even far-flung regions like Port Blair. These endeavours showcased their commitment to reaching underserved communities and providing healthcare access where it was most needed.

Kartavya diversified its offerings, running patient support programs and providing health educators across India. They conducted screening camps nationwide, stocked and distributed medicines, and developed the infrastructure for cold chain management. Additionally, they delved into point-of-care devices and in-clinic activities, continually expanding their expertise and capabilities.

Although Kartavya faced financial constraints in its early stages, the founders made the difficult decision to exit Sparsh completely in 2014. Despite leaving behind over 200 clients, they cherished the relationships formed during their Sparsh days and embraced the lessons learned from both positive and negative experiences.

One significant setback occurred when Kartavya’s foray into diagnostics failed, resulting in substantial financial loss in the year 2014. However, Vikram and Anil’s determination and commitment to doing things right allowed them to bounce back from this challenge. They leveraged their experience and resilience to recover and find new opportunities.

The COVID-19 pandemic presented another obstacle for Kartavya. The company experienced a 65% drop in revenue, but its valuable lessons from previous setbacks enabled a swift recovery within three months. During and after the pandemic, Kartavya seized new opportunities, venturing into diagnostic services, serving corporates and manufacturing units, and launching offerings like phlebotomy home collection, logistics services for diagnostic companies, medical room management, OHC, health check-up & wellness programs for both corporate & factories.

As Kartavya continued to grow, it focused on refining operations, establishing robust systems and processes, and building a fully scalable model. After 14 years of exile, Kartavya found its purpose & its mission:

Being Available: Our Mission to Deliver the Human Care Experience.

The team at Kartavya is committed to continuous improvement, learning, and ensuring that everyone grows together. They approach their work with a sense of duty, as their dedicated employees always emphasize,

"Yeh mera kartavya hai"

Kartavya Healtheon: A Journey of Trust, Strength, and Global Impact

Throughout its remarkable journey, Kartavya Healtheon has earned the reputation of being the partner of choice for top pharma companies, diagnostic firms, corporates, and more. Trusted and relied upon, Kartavya has cultivated enduring relationships with stakeholders, with an average customer partnership spanning 6-7 years, and sometimes even exceeding a decade. Clients, vendors, and employees all find a profound sense of belongingness and trust in Kartavya, knowing that they can always count on its unwavering support during times of need.

The foundation of Kartavya is built on a rock-solid commitment to strong processes and values, with no compromises or shortcuts taken along the way. It is this unwavering dedication that has enabled Kartavya to establish itself as a trusted and dependable healthcare partner. With a robust and resilient infrastructure, Kartavya stands prepared to weather any challenges that may come its way.

Looking forward, Kartavya believes that its unwavering belief in its mission will propel it to become not just a leading healthcare company in India, but a global force to be reckoned with. The company exudes a sense of hope, power, and optimism, instilling confidence in its audience and fostering a deep sense of trust. The future holds immense promise, and Kartavya is poised to seize the opportunities that lie ahead, making a lasting impact on the global healthcare landscape.

Kartavya Healtheon Pvt Ltd has emerged as a remarkable healthcare company, driven by a mission to deliver compassionate care. Their journey showcases the power of perseverance, learning from failures, and staying true to one’s values. Kartavya invites everyone to be part of their mission and experience the transformative power of their work.
Together, let us embrace the power of Kartavya and create a world where every individual receives the care they deserve.

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