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Leadership Team

Vikram Srivastava

Director & Co-founder

Anil Nayak

Director & Co-founder

Jitendra Tyagi

Senior Advisor


A Catalyst for Growth and Standardization

Vikram, the visionary co-founder of Kartavya, possesses a remarkable skill set that propels the organization towards success. With a background in business management and understanding of law, Vikram’s strengths lie in business development and the creation of new opportunities.

His ability to initiate and nurture fresh ideas, along with his knack for recognizing untapped potentials, has been the driving force behind Kartavya’s growth journey. Vikram’s commitment to bringing standardization in processes ensures operational excellence and consistency in service delivery.

Vikram’s passion for continuous learning and knowledge sharing has resulted in a culture of mentoring within the company. He plays an instrumental role in training and mentoring the leadership team, empowering them to make informed decisions and lead with confidence.
In times of challenges or crisis, Vikram’s calm and composed demeanour shines through, as he efficiently navigates through complex situations. His background in law further equips him to address legal matters with a thoughtful and strategic approach.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Vikram’s curiosity and hunger for knowledge lead him on a continuous learning journey. His passion for writing not only enriches the corporate communication but also allows him to express his creativity and insights.


A Visionary Technologist and Customer-Centric Leader

Anil, one of the co-founders of Kartavya, is a visionary and innovative technologist with a strong focus on customer-centric operations.  With a post-graduation in advanced computing, Anil has honed his skills in building cutting-edge technology solutions that drive innovation and efficiency. His technical understanding and ability to handle diverse customer requirements make him a true asset to the organization.  In addition to his technical expertise, Anil’s exceptional relationship-building skills & approachable demeanour play a vital role in nurturing strong connections with clients, partners, and stakeholders. 

Anil’s passion for process compliance ensures that Kartavya operates seamlessly, adhering to the highest industry standards. His ability to handle ad-hoc operations with finesse showcases his adaptability and problem-solving skills. Moreover, his exceptional sales acumen has been instrumental in driving growth and expansion for the company.

Beyond the realm of business, Anil’s interests are as dynamic as his expertise. He finds joy in staying updated with the latest sports, political, and business news, always eager to engage in thoughtful discussions. Anil’s friendly and sociable nature makes him a joy to work with, fostering a positive and collaborative work environment.


Senior Advisor and Visionary Leader at Kartavya

With a remarkable professional journey spanning over 34 years, Jitendra has demonstrated outstanding talent and a passion for seizing opportunities through in-depth analysis. His expertise and insights have earned him topmost designations and accolades throughout his illustrious career.

At Kartavya, Jitendra holds a pivotal role, leading the organization and driving business growth through new launches and the expansion of the existing portfolio. His extensive experience and proven track record speak volumes about his exceptional abilities and competence in the pharmaceutical industry.

During challenging times of significant organizational changes, Jitendra showcased his exceptional leadership skills by delivering strong results and steering the company towards success.

One of the notable achievements under his guidance was the successful launch of a leading brand in the Oncology space, rapidly establishing it as the number one brand within just three years, with a remarkable business turnover of 200 Crores.

Jitendra’s strategic acumen was further evident as he led two transitions with major pharmaceutical companies, AZ and Pfizer, while also playing a pivotal role in securing partnership deals with Indian firms.

Beyond his contributions within the organization, Jitendra actively engages with industry bodies like OPPI (Organization of Pharmaceutical Producers of India) and collaborates on various industry issues. He served as co-chair for the IPR committee in 2016 and later chaired the legal and compliance committee from 2017 to 2019. Additionally, in 2019, he led a crucial industry initiative on access in association with the Governments of Telangana and Rajasthan.

His impactful leadership and collaboration with internal stakeholders have resulted in successful new product launches and strengthened India’s position in the global pharmaceutical landscape.

Jitendra’s profound commitment to talent development is evident in his efforts to export talent from Kartavya to regional and global organizations, contributing to the growth and recognition of the Indian pharmaceutical industry.

Throughout his journey, Jitendra’s dedication and remarkable achievements have garnered numerous prestigious awards, including President Awards at Novartis in 2008 and 2009, Emerging Market Star Awards at Bristol Myers Squibb in 2011 and 2012, and the Intercon President Award in 2017 for leading a transformative project.

As a Senior Advisor at Kartavya, Jitendra’s vast experience and visionary leadership play a crucial role in shaping the company’s strategic direction, fostering growth, and driving excellence in the pharmaceutical domain. His immense contributions make him an invaluable asset to the Kartavya family.

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